Monday, June 19, 2006


Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen star in this thriller that came out of nowhere to surprise me and entertain the hell out of me. I won’t say much about the story but Owen and Aniston are two married people with kids and great careers. But, as with everyone in life and in the movies, there’s something missing. They meet on the train (in Chicago, no less) and strike up a relationship that eventually leads to more. Two or three times I whispered “She’s a bad girl.” Little did I know how bad she was. Ever hear her say “I think I want you to fuck me”? It’s great fun.

The way the story is told is great. It keeps you in suspense and in the dark the whole time. Very entertaining. I also like the way they decided to start the movie and that device they used. Very sneaky and very good.

Just go out and watch this thing, you’ll be glad you did.


Anonymous Tollo said...

Have to say I disagree completely... I saw this in the theaters when it came out, and predicted the "twist" about ten minutes after the pivotal scene (I won't say what it is)...

Also, what the hell's up with Clive Owen's American accent? It sucked big time here, and was just about the only thing I didn't like about Sin City.

One thing, though, RZA is in this movie!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Carlos P said...

Well, I personally don't like to think ahead during movies. I like to sit back and enjoy them (if they are any good), and this one had me dealing with the issues Clive Owen was dealing with, so the twists did surprise me.

As for RZA, I totally agree. How often is a movie made where you have X-Zibit and RZA on the credits?

11:29 AM  

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