Monday, August 21, 2006

Camping at Starved Rock

Went camping over the weekend to Starved Rock National Park.

It was the first time I went camping since I was a little kid in the Cub Scouts. I did, however, go hiking in the French Alps a few years ago, and that was kind of an unfair context to judge Starved Rock. The trails were very picturesque, not very challenging—in other words, for the masses to bring their families and all.

The park itself was cool, I had never seen canyons like that in my life, especially the bigger ones.

The camping experience would've been super fun if not for our forgetting to get some sort of inflatable mattress or even padding to put under out tent. We slept maybe 3 hours, which was horrible. The campsites are very clean and non-threatening. By that I mean that it's easy: you drive up, park in your campsite, put up your tent, and you're done.

For some reason I thought it would be "rougher," though I'm glad it wasn't since I couldn't even handle the sleeping part. One of the highlights was finally being complete darkness again, something I haven't seen once since being in Chicago. We got to see the stars at 3:30am too, since we couldn't sleep, which also was incredible.

For those of you from Guatemala, it had as close to a "puerto" vibe as you can get. Not in the crazy party scene way, but in the "get away from it all and go to a place with zero authority" way.

I guess this is "roughing it" these days, which surprised me for two reasons:

a) It was real easy.
b) I wanted it rougher. I thought that if I had any complains, they would be in the opposite direction, but I proved myself to be a rather enthusiastic "camper" and "rougher."

When we got back I passed out for two hours and didn't make sense for three.


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