Monday, August 14, 2006

Brave New World

by Aldous Huxley

Read it in less than a week, thanks to, what Mindy called, "large type." While that's true, the book itself moved quickly. But seriously, there's something running throughout this book that kept me thinking about what Mindy said. It reads like a book you'd read for a high-school class. Not a bad thing, but just slightly juvenile. The philosophy spread throughout the story is kind of forced and suddenly rears it's head in unexpected ways (solo speeches or weird, highly unlikely conversations).

It's clear that the author is one of the main characters, and once you notice that it makes the read a little awkward and infuses all kinds of things that distract from the story.

I didn't like the feeling, especially towards the end, of being in a philosophy class. I don't read novels to be lectured, I read them to be entertained.

Maybe all this is because I'm jaded - I've read 1984, The Giver, and Animal Farm. Unfair, yes, but that's the breaks.


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