Monday, September 11, 2006

The ABC 9/11 Special

I watched this last night, even though I was really turned off by all the controversy. Then I was surprised to find out, right before it started, that is was partly based on a book I had read many years ago: The Cell.

Which I remember enjoying. A lot. I also remember the whole gist of what the book made me feel: These guys (the hijackers) were extremely lucky to pull this off. The system just wasn't set up to stop them, only to monitor and track them.

I think the movie, as a movie, was great. I can't wait to see part two tonight. But I'm really turned off by the positive reviews that highlight how "Clinton messed up," or the negative ones saying "It's all lies."

I guess it always comes down to partisan politics, and that's a shame because most Americans will never read The Cell or the 9/11 Report, so this movie is the only way to expose millions of citizens to the information that is out there about what happened before and leading up to 9/11.

Did Clinton mess up? Was it Bush's fault? Who is to blame?

It's clear that the system is to blame. And unless we stop blaming the other party we will never focus on the system, which is always going to be there no matter what party is in power. So we better get to working on that ASAP, because, as the 9/11 Commission has told us, their recommendations have NOT been instituted - not even close.

By the way, that's next on my reading list, the 9/11 Report. I bought it like 5 months ago and now feel like an ignoramus for not having read it already.


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