Saturday, July 7, 2007

Knocked Up, a good point

There's a conversation in this movie between the married couple that goes something like this:

Man: "It's just that, once you have a family and get married, certain possibilities are closed to you."
Wife: (on the defensive) "Like what?"
Man: "I don't know, like if I wanted to go to India or something and just chill out there and explore the country. I can't do that anymore, not with kids and everything, you know?"
Woman: "What? So you want to go to India? Go to India then!"
Man: (Exasperated, Frustrated) I don't want to go to India! I'm just saying!"

I think it's an interesting look at the way men and women look at things like family and marriage. It isn't that men feel like they are giving anything up or are "suffering" by having a family or getting married. I would say that most of us don't feel that way. We just realize that the huge list of things we have tallied in our heads that we would "like to do" some time has to be crossed out. Did we really expect to play for the Chicago Cubs? Pick apples in California for a season? Cross the Mexican border, undercover, and try to sneak into the country?

No, but we're just realizing that now, finally, that now it's REALLY not going to happen. It's a bit of realism being injected into a man's otherwise wishful thinking that anything is possible.

On the other hand, I have always told Mindy that I always wanted to move to Lake Atitlan for like two months or something and live there. Just live there and write and read and use the time for introspection. Deep down I realized I had missed my chance a few years ago when I was in Guatemala for a couple years doing nothing but having my jaw examined. I didn't do it then and now I'm in a job that wouldn't let me take that kind of time off.

So she surprised me one day when she said that, when I move on to another job, I should take some time off and go live at the Lake for a month or so and do it. She said that if it was something that was that important to me, than I owe it to myself to go ahead and do it.

And this is just one of the reasons why I'm so happy that this is the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with and marry.

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