Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amazon Book Blog

I first got wind of this a month or so ago and it's a great way of discovering new books I wouldn't have heard of otherwise.

I'm very interested in the ways people decide to read certain books and this blog is how I heard of the current book I'm reading: Call Me by Your Name.

I would never have heard of this book and much less given it a shot, but the person who reviewed it on the Amazon blog wrote about it so eloquently and so highly that I just had to read it. That's the mark of a really good review and it makes me realize that when I review a book I'm usually trying too hard to recommend it. This person reviewed it just describing what the book was. Because he wasn't trying to convince me to read it, the review was that much more persuasive.

I need to do this more. I need to try to leave out the inevitable "You should really read this."

Anyway, check out the blog. You should really read it.


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