Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Michael Lewis

He became famous thanks to Moneyball, and it's also how I first heard of him. After reading and enjoying that book so much, I looked up what else he had written. Turns out he had a few technology books and some investment-related books too. I was intrigued since three years ago those same topics suddenly became interesting to me. So I kept telling myself to read Liar's Poker. As it happens so often, I never did.

Then about a year ago I saw he had come out with a new book called The Blind Side. It was about football but it still sounded interesting. I read it and loved it, again reminding myself that I should read one of his investment-related books.

Finally, this year, I met someone who was a big Michael Lewis fan. He lent me Liar's Poker. Shocker: I thought it was great too.

Then we found a whole host of articles he's written for the New York Times, which you can see here. Most of those articles can be found for free on the internet if you search for the title names. Read a few. Yeah they are long but damn if they aren't incredibly interesting. The most recent one I read, this one, is about a college coach that has seemingly found a brand new way to run an offense. I'm not a college football fan, but Lewis has again found a story that will appeal to anyone.

How he manages to find and infiltrate so many great stories is beyond me, but now I'm reading The New New Thing, and it's more of the same: interesting stories that entertain.

After 50 pages of The New New Thing I want to write a biography on Michael Lewis because he may be one of the most interesting people out there. He knows and loves sports, but he was also a financial services guy. He's brilliant. He writes well.

Did I mention I want to be him?



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