Monday, October 15, 2007

Yes, Another Blog

I've done this twice before, this starting of a new blog. Once to start American Stranger, and the other to bring my old blog into the 21st century.

Now I think I need to do it again. Why?

- This blog is too vague. What is it about? It's called Truth, for christ's sake. What does that even mean? I review books, movies, talk about baseball, finances, writing, reading, stuff that happens, etc. I need to focus on something more specific.

- It's not organized enough. Whenever I get the itch to post something I do. If not, the blog goes untouched. I want to be more serious about it.

- Not that many people are reading it. This really doesn't bother me that much but when I see other blogs that are getting 2,000–3,000 views a month consistently, it makes me really envious. Why don't I have that kind of readership? No promotion. No part of an online community or network. Why? What am I going to tell other bloggers about my site, "It's about everything!" Not gonna work.

So what's the new blog going to be about? Well, I was thinking of calling it The Writer's Wallet, so I could talk about writing, everything that comes with being a writer, the career choices that need to be made, but also the financial side of it. Saving money and preparing for retirement. That pretty much covers everything I'm really excited about right now. But that blog already exists, here. The weird thing is, the blogger is in her 20s, has an MA in Writing, and lives in Chicago.


Anyway, I'm looking to really take this seriously and do it on my own url name and everything. It's going to be a lot of work but I think it's the right direction to go on.

I'll probably still post stuff on here until I get the new one going. Any ideas for a name?

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Anonymous GradGirl said...

Very weird indeed. Thanks for writing and for visiting my site. It's always nice to meet fellow writers/(future) pf-bloggers. :)

7:22 PM  
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