Thursday, October 4, 2007


So yesterday I'm getting out of a cab and I see there's a wallet sitting there that doesn't belong to me. It's a fancy Prada wallet and in a split second I decide to take it instead of giving it to the cab driver.

Minutes later I rifle through it and find a driver's license and a business card. It's a woman's, a lawyer. So I call her up and she has no idea that she's lost her wallet. She seems vaguely concerned about the whole thing but praises my honesty in a a kind of general way. Like maybe she's happy she'll get her wallet back.

So I call her later in the day on her cell phone and she picks up:

Who is this?



Carlos . . . the wallet guy? (and here I'm standing on a crowded platform)

Oh right! Listen I'm having lunch right now with a wonderful friend of mine here in Little Italy and then we're driving around in his spectacular convertible.

That sounds . . . awesome.

Great! I'll come to you then, OK?


(talking to her "date"): No it's the man who found my wallet. Isn't he a lovely person? Isn't that great?

See you later.

So this is the type of person that can actually afford to lose her wallet and not even worry about it and also is the type of person who lays it on real thick. The way people in authority feel they have to treat their underlings (kind of like children) to "keep them happy." They feel they are genuine too, which couldn't be more wrong.

So she shows up in the sports car and a short red skirt (I knew she was at least 50 from her driver's license) but when I see her face you can see she's had major work done. She kind of scared of being in the River North area and kind of nervous talking to me, a stranger who works in that area. She's shy but thankful then waves some money in my face.

Please take it! Please, take some money!

No really that's OK.

No! Please!

(the money is in my face)

So I take it and wonder if she can see in my face that I considered—for a split second—to just take the 60 bucks in the wallet and throw the rest in the trash somewhere, or burn it. But that's just not me.

So now I have a pretty good story to tell and 20 bucks to spare.

It ain't 60 bucks but I'd rather have 20 and the story.


Anonymous GradGirl said...

Wow. Good for you for returning it. If I'd left my wallet somewhere, I'd be THRILLED that some honest soul called me about it.

8:05 PM  

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