Monday, September 24, 2007

Comerica Park

Got to go on Sunday to one of the newest ballparks around.

It was awesome. The fountains in center field spray up really high when something cool happens. There is a loud growl sound (a Tiger, I assume) that is played when something good happens. The fans were all very polite and pretty pumped when Joel Zumaya came in.

It was a gorgeous day too.

I used some binoculars to check out the field and I was impressed at how well kept the grass and infield was. I would do anything to play on a field like that just once.

My record at Comerica: 1-0.

Now we can add Comerica to the other parks I've been to: Wrigley, Fenway, wherever the California Angels played back in the day, and The Cell. That's not that many actually.


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