Monday, September 17, 2007

Credit Cards, ad nauseum

So here we are again, railing at credit-card companies as if they were drug dealers preying on young people. Are they? Sure. But this is like the guy who sued McDonalds because he was fat.

People, credit cards are willing to give you money if you play it right. They are willing to give me $350 dollars (around every two years) worth of points (be it in cash, travel, and so on) for just using my card a lot. It costs me nothing. No debt, no interest payments, no late payments, none of that.

I think we need to enter into an era of education about a lot of things. Where the US is on a map, how to handle money, how to drive, etc. There are a lot of things, but if people would just understand, from a very young age, how important it is that they be taught these things, it would make a huge difference.

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