Friday, January 20, 2006

Baskteball inflates egos

When people play basketball they think they are the hottest shit in the world. It makes me so mad that sometimes I'll jump in (pick-up basketball) and play with them. I'm not great, but I can defend these chumps who think they're the next Kobi Bryant (though in reality they're probably closer than they know).

It's great because they can't play their usual game of show off. They have to work hard to score and they have to actually defend (gasp!) so that the tall white kid who isn't that great won't score too many points.

They get so pissed off and call fouls when there really aren't any. They find it insulting for someone to actually defend them hard, as if to say "What are you doing man? This is b-ball, you're s'posed to be scoring, not defending!"

On the offensive side of things, I run around like a maniac. Run up and down the court. if they don't run with me, I get layups. When I play, the satisfaction of playing hard gets me through. But afterwards, the feeling of bringing down these Chumps' false ego delights me even more.

Long live hard defense in pick-up games and no whining and no trash talking and a general atmosphere of Barry Sanders-like success.

All hail


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