Friday, January 20, 2006

Skiles and the Bulls

Forget about the incident with Antonio Davis going into the stands two nights ago at the United Center because his wife has a big mouth—something far more important happened on the court.

The Bulls showed heart.

And they won.

After repeated scoldings by both the coach and the Gereral Manager, the Bulls finally fought back when they were being disrespected in their own house. Chris Duhon thought he got fouled hard so he got up and pushed back, finally proving that this team can actually be pushed too far.

This is what Skiles has wanted to see ever since the Pistons were in town and Rasheed Davis was laughing all over the court. I was at that game and, while I didn't realize the Bulls were being mocked on the court, one thing I could see was the scoreboard. It was a rough night for Bulls fans.

But maybe this marks the start of the return of last year's Bulls. Maybe.

Gordon scored over 30 points.
Hinrich was good.
Nocioni was a rock (as usual)
Deng is coming along.
Even Chandler came up with some big blocks.

Now it's time to go on a roll.

As for the Davis incident, coach Skiles said it best: He never sees what's going on in the stands, he's too busy focusing on the game.


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