Saturday, January 7, 2006

The Big Chill

I had never seen this movie before, it's old, and I was surprised.

For some reason (I think it was the amount of good actors in it, plus the title) had me thinking it was some kind of bank-robbery movie (a la Ocean's Eleven). I was pleasantly surprised to find it was about a group of friends, reunited after a long separation caused be just living their lives, and how they used to feel about the world compared to how they do now.

The story is great, any generation can relate to the feelings that are dealt with. But what I liked most about this movie is how subtle it is. It's a dialogue movie, yet the actors let their performances speak for themselves - they aren't trying to overdo any of it. Instead, they stick to the dialogue and let everything unfold.

This subtlety makes it feel real and it lets you know how close this group of friends really is, the way you and your friends probably understand each other without having to spell everything out.

Even better, it was a present from Mindy, so I get to keep it!


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