Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Consider the Lobster Reviewed...Finally

The NY Times book review finally reviews his latest book.

Here are my favorite parts:

Mr. Wallace is capable of writing about things like metaphysics and the politics of the English language with the same verve and irreverence he brings to matters like the pornography industry and the cooking of lobsters

this collection trains Mr. Wallace's acute eye not inward at the solipsistic terrain of people's minds, but outward at the world - at politicians, at writers, at ordinary and oddball individuals of every emotional stripe. Like his best fiction, it reminds the reader of both his copious literary gifts and his keen sense of the absurdities of contemporary life in America at the cusp of the millennium.

I guess the only problem I have with the review is that Kakutani constantly has to tell us what she didn't like about his previous works. Even though I get what she's doing (trying to show some sort of progress on Wallace's part), I still think it detracts a bit from the book she's reviewing.


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