Sunday, January 29, 2006

King Kong

Went to see it last night, glad I did go to the theater for this one, it's made for it.

As for the movie - it's OK. It's pretty exciting but it's also pretty long. There are some scenes that are there clearly as eye candy. The dinosaur chase is really irrelevant and some reviewer said it best when he said it was like Peter Jackson was saying "Look at my dinosaurs."

The acting was good, except that last line that Jack Black utters, " was beauty that killed the beast."

I think I heard a collective groan in the audience, though it was probably just me.

There was a little kid sitting behind me the whole time talking really loud and the lights weren't turned all the way down until some 20 minutes into the movie, and that was annoying.

Poor kid though, he kept asking if that was King Kong (Kong doesn't show up until around minute 35). Plus, this was NOT the type of movie you take your kid to. Mindy freaked out at the tribespeople on Skull island, and they were pretty disturbing. There were also very much like the creatures from LOTR.

A lot of things were.

I don't understand why Peter Jackson was so into making this movie and still left some of the awful, cheesy parts in. If this is your life's passion, you'd think you would try to avoid that stuff.

King Kong though, was awesome. Never for a minute looked fake, which I can't say for the last two Matrix movies, Spiderman, and Hulk.


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