Thursday, January 26, 2006

More on basketball Ego-trips

So I was at the gym again watching some pick-up games and guess what? It's worse than I originally thought.

Every pick-up game has one, and in this game it was a smallish black guy that looked to be about 20. He wasn't overly big, he actually looked small, but the guy was fast.

fast the way that just jumps out at you out of nowhere. He walked up and down the court whenever he had the ball. Then, suddenly, he blazed by his defenders and threw the ball up. A good scorer.

But this guy's ego was just as fast. He did not defend. I can't stress this enough. The guy just didn't see the need for it. He would walk up the court, even when the ball was already being shot on the other end. And he just walked up towards it, like any action that took place on that side of the court was an annoyance, unnecessary.

"Why do they have to shoot too?"

His signature move?

He would scoot by his defender, release the ball for an easy layup, and then the show would start. He immediately breaks and violently turns towards the direction he should be defending. It's a common move - many a defenders do it to get back to the other end and start defending as soon as possible. This guy did the first part, and it looked good, he looked like he was hustling - a true Barry Sanders moment of humility.

But if you began following the ball at that point you missed the rest of his little show. He slowed to a jog, then to a walk, and - before reaching the halfcourt line - he was walking again. Watching the action taking place on the other side of the court as if he was a small child watching his 4th hour of cartoons.

And it pissed me off like nothing else. I rolled my eyes and went "Pshhh!" but I don't think anyone saw or heard me, unfortunately.

This upsets me so much that it makes me wonder what kind of unresolved issues I may have that cause this rage in me when someone else that has nothing to do with me does or doesn't do something.

I wonder.


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