Friday, January 27, 2006

OK, LAST time for real

So Frey went on Oprah last night to get his punishment.

I can see the producers calling him up and asking him to go on live so that they can "get it all cleared up once and for all."

Frey knew what that meant. Everyone did: Oprah got made a fool of and someone had to be the fall guy. No one, and I mean NO ONE tarnishes the Oprah name.

So it was Frey who was to go on stage and take a fall. Did he want to? Probably not, he knew he was just going to be the fall guy for Oprah, but what was he supposed to do? Say no? That would've been even worse. Oprah made him and Oprah was going to take it all back for the sake of her name, brand, and business.

So all Frey could do was breathe in, breathe out, and walk out there and take it as best he could.

How do I feel about him now? It makes sense. People (former addicts) were rumbling about how the book didn't ring true WAY before the smoking gun report. And when I listened to him talk and saw pictures it just didn't look right. He doesn't look like the guy from the book: not a badass, not confident, not bright as hell. After all this he seems more of an insecure rich kid with a dorky slant that just wanted to be cool.

Still though, I have to say, his two books floored the hell out of me and I'm glad I got to read them while they were still "real."

It's the Blair Witch effect, only this time I got to experience it as an ignorant, not in-the-know person, which I enjoyed.

After all, once you know, there's no going back.


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