Thursday, March 30, 2006

Soriano and Javy Lopez

They have both been asked to change positions (Soriano from 2B to LF and Lopez from C to 1B). Check out what the Orioles manager had to say about the Lopez move:

"I think what we're going to do is DH him early now and let him continue to work on his first base and catching," Perlozzo said. "We need to take a little pressure off with his defense now and get him straightened out and get his bat going. We really need his bat. We're going to let him DH and work on his hitting and continue to let him work on his first base. As we go into the season we'll start using him at the right time. The better he gets the more he plays."

I thought everyone had gotten the point after the White Sox won and after the show put on in the fundamentally-sound WBC. Guess not.

Offense still rules in baseball, so much so that two teams are willing to take SIGNIFICANT defensive risks to squeeze a little more out their offense. What's silly is that both teams already had a good offensive player at the position (Vidro in LF and Lopez was the Catcher). Both teams went out and got a new player for a position they already had filled. Essentially, they made a trade for a bat and then tried to make the pieces fit.

Not a good idea. Didn't the Orioles see how the Piazza experiment went last year?

Watch this closely because you'll see these moves will NOT pay off for either team, plus it adds controversy and makes the players upset.

Didn't the White Sox also teach us about chemistry? Didn't the Marlins and the Diamondbacks and the Red Sox before them also teach us that?

Some people never learn.


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