Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tiger Woods on 60 minutes

I just finished watching it and there are a few things I have to say:

Ed Bradley is corny and cheesy as hell. He belongs on Good Morning America next to Katy Couric the way he was ooing and awwing at Tiger. On two seperate occasions he chuckled and reached over to "bump fists" with Woods after a particularly good ass-kissing question. It made me want to puke.

He did ask a very good question though: "Would you dedicate as much time to your child as your parents did with you?" Which is fantastic because there is no way he could - I mean he's the most famous athlete in the world right now and his father was an obsessive man. No way he can be as crazy and pushy and obsessive as his dad was. No way. But doesn't it sound awful if he were to answer "no" to that? So he gave a nice softball answer that covered his bases.

Tiger, by the way, is not very deep or very interesting, as a person. He's very blah. Sure it's great that he wants to help kids and use his money, good stuff. But as Bradley the cornball kept asking questions I was overcome with a sensation that said, "Either Tiger Woods is just a big a cornball and so very blah and uninteresting considering who and what he is, or he's the most polite person in the world. His answers were so lame.

Bradley: So if we played ping pong...what would happen?
Tiger: I would win.
B: And if you didn't?
T: We'd keep playing until I did.

*Chuckle chuckle* Bradley shifted in his seat in what looked like an aborted fist bump reach, thank god.

The interview was interesting because he's the most dominating force in his sport, but other than that he's not very interesting. He gives the kind of answers you'd expect from Jessica Simpson or any politician in mid-campaign.

But as bad as that is, Bradley is much much worse.

I'll fist-bump to that.

As an aside, I really liked how he handles his finances: anything he makes on the golf course he will use to spend (buy houses, boats, etc.), but he either invests or uses the rest (which is more than 50% of his money, which he makes in endorsements) to help others, I'm not sure which.


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