Monday, May 22, 2006

Condoleezza Rice at Boston College

Ahhh, the old alma mater. Turns out a bunch of students had a silent protest going and one picture looks positively black panther, except for the cell phone. Or is it a sign of the times?

How do I feel about it all?


These are young kids that feel the weight of graduation on their shoulders, probably very idealistic and just waking up to a lot of the things that are wrong in this world. Which is good. But this is their awakening, their knee-jerk reaction. As with all knee-jerk reactions, we need to give them a chance to think about their newfound knowledge, digest it, and contemplate on it.

Once they've done that they'll be wiser and more articulate on these issues.

But, for now, protest. That's what we're supposed to do at that age, in that situation.


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