Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Trendy to be an immigrant

I may or may not be one of those people inside a group that cherish being part of the group but look down on the people who try to claim they are a part of it though they aren't, even though I would probably do the same in their place.

I am from Guatemala, born and raised.

Today I heard something I've heard tons of times before,

"Oh well I'm Philipino."


"Well, technically."

This was all under the umbrella of the immigrant debate that is raging these days. I've been hearing these claims since I got to college.

"I'm a quarter polish, an eighth german and a little Native American."

No, you are from Worcester and you were born and raised there, and you've probably never even been to Connecticut.

Sorry, but it's the truth.

And now everyone and their mother is an immigrant.

"We are all immigrants."

It just goes to show you how bored with their lives people are that they can't even focus on what they are and what they have, instead yearning to be a part of something bigger, something meaningful, something worth fighting and dying for (which immigrants to every day - not me though). I get it. I watched Malcolm X and Schindler's List. I know what it's like to be on the outside and want to take part in a movement that inspires you.

But when it's pretty clear you're the old guy at the club, it's time to go home, look in the mirror, and realize you've got other responsibilities, and they can't be neglected.


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