Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Getting Shown up in baseball

From an article about Guillen showing up his pitchers in front of cameras and fans:

The videotape of the confrontation between Guillen and Garland has been repeatedly replayed and conveys the manager may have been showing up the pitcher, which Van Slyke also found objectionable.

"Do I like what he does sometimes? No," Van Slyke said. "Would I like it if he showed me up like that in the dugout? No. I probably would have punched him. But I think the players have adjusted to his style and type of managing."

This is ridiculous. It just shows you how full of themselves players become once they get to the highest level of baseball. They get too big for their own good. They know nothing of humility and respect for authority. It's why you see minor leaguer Delmon Young throwing his bat at the umpire and guys almost getting into fistfights with managers (see the Hillenbrand debacle).

I've seen it in person too, especially when a player believes he's being talked down to from what he sees as a lesser player, baseball-wise. It's a fine line, but there should always be respect for the manager, no matter what. There are proper ways of airing these grievances. If you messed up so bad the manager is chewing you out, then look in the mirror. You probably brought it on yourself.


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