Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No TV Part III

So tonight was the perfect example of why I should institute this No TV experiment. While I ate, I watched The Simpsons. That ran into Seinfeld so I watched the end of that. So now it's 7pm and I turn it all off and read (9/11 Commission Report). That lasts all of 40-45 minutes as I go online and do some errands (the computer is the TV's close cousin, and it too should probably go). Next thing I know it's ten to 9 and I know that the White Sox are on at 9, which means I'm fucked.

So that's what I'm watching now, and it will probably take me into midnight, which will make me exhausted tomorrow, let alone frustrated at wasting so much valuable time.

In Paris I would sit there and stare out the window as I ate lunch or dinner. That was my entertainment. Sometimes I would read, but for the most part I would just sit there and stare at the people in the building in front of my window. And it worked. It was relaxing and it got me thinking. It felt good.

Now I can't seem to get my apartment to shut up. There is too much going on for any kind of concentration or focus to go down. It's horrible.

And I don't even have cable people.


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