Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Soriano as a leadoff man?

Terrible idea. But according to the Sun Times it may happen:

With Piniella on board, Hendry will quickly try to furnish his superstar manager with a star-studded team. Sources said the Cubs have identified potential free agent Alfonso Soriano -- whom they view as a center fielder and leadoff hitter -- as their primary target in rebuilding a team for Piniella.

Horrible. And as a CF?? Are you kidding me? Why would you compromise your defense and have a guy that will strike out this much in the leadoff spot? He hit 46HRs for christ's sake! I do like that it would mean Murton is in LF, and I realize Soriano's BB/K numbers were better last year, but still. This is crazy talk. The only thing he has a leadoff man should is SBs, that's it.

I rather have Pierre out there.


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