Monday, October 2, 2006

The Bachelor: Rome

It pains me to say that I saw the first 16 minutes of the show after turning the TV off after the intro. "No way I can put up with these girls, with this show." But something about the show just drew me back in for those 16 minutes.

It's an annoying show. It features a rich guy with no personality who can have whatever and whomever he wants. Hot girls (they aren't all hot, which was surprising, I guess that's subjective though) that have distorted views on relationships (since they are clearly desperate, either for a man or attention). And it features the typical tourist version of Rome.

And still we watch.

Why do we watch that which we hate? Or why did I, anyway, for those 16 minutes? Tough to put a finger on it, but it definitely starts with the girls. That's one thing. You get to see some real-life conniving and pretending, which is fun when it's not directed towards you.

But I think the clincher lies in that deep dislike for these girls. They have it all (for the most part) except for "true love." And that's why they want it so bad. They don't even care what the guy is like, not even what he looks like. All they know is that he's an Italian prince (which they took some liberties with here, since he grew up in the States and lives in NY, he won't be able to smile knowingly as the girls are awed by the wealth of what they'll see in Rome) and that they all want to be princesses.

Did I mention some of these girls already are princesses?

So why watch that?

Because none of them are going to get what they want. They will all cry and will all be disappointed. Some will slut it up and still not get what they want, which we love to see when we aren't the guys being sluttified with. One girl will get picked, and she's the one that's in for the greatest letdown.

And that's why I watch those 16 minutes.

Not that I feel a need to explain myself or anything.


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