Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crazy Guatemala story

Here is a really fucked up story that happened in Guatemala recently.

The gist: A few days ago a group of three Salvadorean politicians get chased by a car that eventually crashes them and some guys shoot all the people in the car, bodyguards and everything. Both countries are in shock, I mean, what the hell?

A few days later four (or was it three?) people are arrested for the crime. Who are they? Anti-organized crime cops, and one of them was the chief. Crazy.

Then, as they're sitting in jail, a group of men in ski masks breaks into the jail, assassinates the cops, and leave. Jail officials blame the killings on random riots from prisoners, so the prisoners take hostages and demand to have a TV crew come in so they can say that they had nothing to do with it, that this was done by someone.

Organized crime is going apeshit down there and it's pretty scary.

This is the type of story you tell people to impress them what a dangerous country you come from, but it's also the story you have to convince people isn't a commonplace occurrence.

Scary shit, though.


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