Monday, January 9, 2006

Cubs' 2B job

I don't understand why, as it stands now, Neifi Perez will be the starting 2B. Hendry has been trying to add more offense to the lineup this offseason, getting Jaque Jones and flirting with Miguel Tejada, and starting Perez at 2B isn't in line with that thinking.

Not that I don't think it's a good idea to focus on defensive prowess for once, instead of more homeruns. But I wonder why it's such an easy decision for Hendry (and for the media, who isn't talking about this at all) to put him and Hairston at 2B and to trade 2B Todd Walker.

Walker can hit .280 15-20HRs and draws plenty of walks. He's a great OBP guy who could hit 2nd in the lineup behind Pierre. He's lefthanded too.

But apparently Hendry wants defense. It's why Cedeno will start at SS, even though he's never hit for more than a season in the minors. I like him there, I think defense should be an important part of such an important position. But it's strange how easily he's letting go of a valuable player like Walker, especially when he's making only 2.5 million dollars - an option you just exercised at the end of the past season.

Weird, isn't it?

Also weird: why not start Hairston? He's faster, a better offensive player, and can probably steal more bases. Again, a good option for 2B.

Neifi surprised me last season, but he can't do what he did again this year, of that I'm sure.

It should be:

Pierre - CF
Walker/Hairston 2B
Lee - 1B
Ramirez - 3B
Jones - RF
Murton - LF
Barrett - C
Cedeno - SS


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