Sunday, April 22, 2007

Power of One - Review

Who's in it: Morgan Freeman in a supporting role.
What's the deal? South Africa, Apartheid, a jail, a British boy, a friendship with a black man, love, etc.
How old is it? Really old. I cried the first time I saw it, but I saw it again and certain parts were pretty corny. Still cried though.
What else is so good about it? The soundtrack. Lots of chanting in African tongue.
What I never realized about it the first time I saw it: How many shitty things happen to this kid in his life. It really sucks.
Another cool thing about it: The Afrikaner accent, it's like a mix of Australian and Jamaican.
Added plus: Teaches you about South African history in a totally passive way.
Who you think is playing the bully character (Botha) after you really take some time to look and listen closely - you'll swear it's him circa 1980 and you'll congratulate yourself on recognizing him before he made it big as James Bond and Munich: David Craig. Turns out it's some random guy you've never heard of, though.


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