Thursday, April 5, 2007

Babel - Review

Who's in it: Brad Pitt, Kate Blanchett, some goats, a Japanese perverted deaf girl.
What's the deal? Four different stories (or is it five) about the relationship between parents and children are flimsily joined together by random shit like a rifle and an illegal babysitter.
Is that a negative tone I'm detecting? Yes. The movie was nominated for all these Oscars (didn't it win a bunch too?) and I finally get to see it and I wasn't blown away. When I don't understand why so many people liked a movie I assume they bought the hype or that they are pretending, all of which aggravates me.
What's the deal with Brad Pitt's eyes? I guess they wanted him to look older, but those wrinkles and the grey hair just make him seem perpetually tired.
My favorite of the storylines: Probably Brad Pitt and Blanchett. It really could've been a movie in itself, it wouldn't've been so long (140 minutes) and I would've gotten more attached to the characters. Although I did like figuring out their historiesfrom the bits and pieces of information that were parsed out.
Mindy's one-sentence review: "I don't even know." (she was tired here and barely paying attention—look for more on point remarks in the future from the Minster)
What to tell your girlfriend to get her to see it: Umm, Brad Pitt.
What to tell your boyfriend to get him to see it: A Japanese schoolgirl in a super short miniskirt and no panties keeps flashing her cooter and, later, is completely nude.
What the Netflix label says it's about that I would never have guessed from watching it but that could probably be said about 90% of all movies: Human
Why I watched it: The hype. I'll never learn.
Why it's called Babel: I still don't know.
What I said five seconds after the movie ended when I was asked whether I liked it or not: "I don't know . . . yet."
What I think the reaction should be to qualify as a great movie: "Wow, yes, that's incredible."
Movie where I said that: Requiem for a Dream, Gladiator.
Movie it will remind you of: Crash, after all, it's the same posse that made that one. A little bit of Haven too, an obscure Orlando Bloom movie that came out last year and no one ever saw.


Anonymous Olisa said...

The title "Babel" is probably in reference to the Tower of Babel. Somewhere in the Bible it says that mankind tried to build a tower so tall that it could reach Heaven. "The attempt to build the Tower of Babel had angered God who, in his anger, made each person involved speak a different language which ultimately halted the project and scattered and disconnected the people across the planet." (Wikipedia)

2:36 PM  
Blogger Carlos P said...

I assumed it had to do with that, but had no idea about what happened to the people of Babel—that they were made to speak different languages, leaving them disconnected.

That makes sense.

2:42 PM  

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