Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Body for Life - Week 1

So I've gone through just two days and I can say right away this isn't going to be as easy as I thought. The running really gassed me and it reminded me of the days or practicing with the Guatemalan National Baseball team. It's a hell of a workout and at the end of the 20 minutes you're glad it's over.

The weight training is almost a cardio workout because of the little rest and the continuous increasing of the weight. That last rep of 12 is a killer and it makes you feel like you're doing a serious, hardcore lifting workout.

As for the food, I'm kind of modifying the whole thing. I'm definitely cutting down on my portions and I'm eating more vegetables. I'm also trying to do 5-6 small meals a day instead of 2-3 bigger ones.

Starting point: 185.4 pounds, 15.7 body fat %, 56.2 Total Body Water Percentage

By the way, I have a neat little Tanita scale that tells me the numbers. We'll see what the effect is since these numbers have pretty much been static for over a year.


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