Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cubby Greed

I haven't posted on the Cubbies in a very long time, mostly because if I started to I would start to get really frustrated and annoyed with most of the decisions that are and aren't made. But actually Lou Pinella has been pretty good: he's played Theriot, given Guzman a shot, and I like the way he's handled the kids. Murton is my one issue where I feel he should play more.

But ANYWAY, this isn't about that. It's about this new promotion they are running, which makes it look like they are being gracious by offering fans a shot at on-field tickets. But look, it's an AUCTION, which means—as usual—that those of us who won't spend a thousand dollars on a single ticket.

So big whoop.

But, in the spirit of fairness and evenhandedness, I will mention that last Sunday I went to the Cubs game and sat in the best seat I've ever sat in at a baseball game:

How did I manage to score these seats? Well, the Cubs website had a "raffle" of sorts. "Of sorts" because you didn't really win anything, you won the "chance" to buy great (expensive) tickets. So I said what the hell and I entered. And I won. I was given a website and a password and was told to go there at a certain time. I did.

I found tickets available for these sections that are usually sold out at this point. So I still had to pay the big bucks, but without this raffle I would've never even had a chance.

So I guess the two sides balance each other out—the greed of the auction and the generosity of giving me a chance to spend my money with them.

Checks and balances.

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